Professional photography intended to show the feeling and character of a space through a two-dimensional medium.

Every space tells a story. It's my job to tell that story through pictures. Whatever the project it takes a true professional to turn the vision of the client into a photograph that'll accurately display the integrity of the space.

You don’t take a photograph, you make it.
— Ansel Adams
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.
— Aristotle
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(Lit) Twilight Photography

Genesis Custom Homes

Our Twilight photographs are unlike any other! Each twilight photograph is a process to create. The process includes strategically lighting the exterior while blending in natural light photographs to best capture the essence of the property. Lit twilight photographs are great for luxury real estate, custom home builders, and commercial properties.


Commercial Photography

The Broadway condominium 

When a new commercial property is built; whether it be a hotel or a condominium, professional photography that captures the way the space feels is a must for image and brand of the company it represents. This is Joshua's favorite type of photography! Commercial properties include but are not limited to hotels, condominiums, concert halls, and restaurents.


Interior Design Photography

SeaBreeze homes inc.

Interior design is a great tool to present a space its best. Having professional photos is a great way to capture that presentation for ones portfolio or brand. Also, if your realtor, the combination of interior design and professional photography is a sure fire way to sell a house fast!

Luxury Real Estate Photography

Canyon Lake home

Selling houses (especially luxury ones) is all about presenting and displaying it to the world at its best. To capture it at its best, professional photography is vital. Each home is unique and it takes someone with a good eye and the technical expertise to shoot it properly. 

Architecture is the thoughtful making of space
— Louis Khan

San Antonio, Texas


Joshua Nolden Photography is located in Schertz, Tx; the largest suburb of San Antonio, Tx. The business however works freely in San Antonio and its Metropolitan area. We are available to travel. We love to travel! :)